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This leash is handcrafted from solid color lines retired from Maine ocean farming.  Donated by New England fishermen when the line was ready to retire- so it didn't break free in the ocean, or end up in a landfill!


The 1/2" and 5/8" line is recommended for dogs 15 lbs or more.

Product History

The first batch of these leashes were crafted from rope donated by Cape Porpoise Trading Co. This rope was purchased back from New England fishermen so it didn't break free in the ocean, or end up in a landfill.

The second batch of Yellow I salvaged from York, Maine on November 23, 2017. It is 1/2” wide rope with solid brass hardware.  

The third batch of Yellow was donated by an Owls Head, Maine lobsterman in September 2019 and is the line currently being used for the blue and yellow leashes.  This line is 5/8".

The current batch of line is retired Maine ocean farming line and was picked up from Net Your Problem for up cycling in November 2020.