Resources for Kelp Farmers

Already a kelp farmer in Maine?

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Thinking about becoming a kelp farmer?

There are tons of great resources. Here are some of the best:

Maine Sea Grant · Since 1971, Sea Grant has supported marine science for Maine people. One of 33 NOAA Sea Grant programs throughout the country, they're focused on Maine’s coastal communities. In partnership with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, members of our Marine Extension Team work on issues of concern to Maine’s coastal communities. A 25-member policy advisory committee helps identify stakeholder needs and ensures that our work is relevant to the people of Maine. We sponsor scientific research that matters to those who depend on Maine’s coastal and marine resources. Learn more about current research projects and funding opportunities. We develop tomorrow’s marine workforce through formal and informal education programs, fellowships and scholarships.

Maine Aquaculture Association · A nonprofit trade association that represents the Maine aquaculture industry at the state, federal, and international levels. Their members grow finish, shellfish, and sea vegetables. Since 1978, they have worked to support Maine’s aquatic growers in developing economically and environmentally sustainable business practices, promoting the benefits of aquaculture in the local food system, and preserving Maine’s heritage of a vibrant working waterfront.

Maine Seaweed Exchange · A nonprofit corporation dedicated to seaweed farming education; supporting seaweed farmers and their communities; research on seaweed farming and seaweed products; assisting industry partners in developing markets for seaweed products and increase distribution channels; identifying and assisting industry partners to develop branding/marketing opportunities; and creating and supporting innovation in the aquaculture seaweed industry.

Maine Seaweed Council · Maine Seaweed Council was formed in 1993 by a group of seaweed harvesters, business owners, researchers, and consultants to address growing concerns within the seaweed industry in Maine. The Seaweed Council has advocated for years for statewide management of the seaweed industry, to protect both livelihoods and ecosystems from over-harvesting and misuse of resources. Council members have pioneered a variety of sustainable harvesting and processing practices and methods, including mechanical harvesters, hand-harvesting, harvesting solely within a local area, sun and air drying, and most recently farming kelp and other types of seaweed in aquaculture projects.