Seaweed 101 Class (Includes Boxed Lunch To Go)

Explore the amazing world of seaweed—part of Maine's unique food heritage going back thousands of years. Join Heritage Seaweed owner Josh Rogers for this intimate (yet socially distant) introduction to seaweed.

You'll learn how to identify 6 of the most common edible species: Wakame, kombu, nori, dulse, Irish moss and sea lettuce. I'll explain the basic differences in taste and culinary uses, empowering you to start cooking with seaweed without a recipe!

We'll also talk about seaweed's biology, global history and amazing nutritional qualities (for example, did you know that seaweed is where fish get all their omega oils?). Finally, you'll find out how a Maine kelp farm operates, and how farmed seaweed (probably the most sustainable food on the planet) is helping transform our working waterfront.

Included with your reservation is a bagged lunch for you to take and enjoy:

  • Maine Seaweed Salad with Marinated Tofu
  • Iced Tea by Cup of Sea
  • Chocolate Kelp Kiss

Additionally, if you want to stay and shop, you'll be treated to:

  • 5% off your entire purchase

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A Note About Covid-19: We want to keep you safe! Therefore, classes are limited to 2 people (or up to 4 people for groups or 2 sets of couples) and take place in the hour before the shop opens to the public. Masks are required at all times; no exceptions. Children must be ticketed.