Curio Spice Co. Pickling Kit

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When life hands you vegetables, make pickles! We designed this quick-pickle kit as a fun and easy way to enjoy your summer veggies all year long with our unique, globally-inspired pickling spices. Each kit includes a two pickling spice packets, an instruction and recipe booklet with tips and suggestions, and a pickling jar. 

Kit includes enough spice to make 4 (16oz) jars of pickles. Salt-free.

Madagascar Pickling Spice Contains: Turmeric, coriander, voatsiperifery wild pepper, baies roses*, mace, mustard, clove.
*Allergen Warning: Baies roses are related to cashew/tree nuts

Moroccan Pickling Spice Contains: Coriander, long pepper, chilies, sweet cinnamon, cardamom, rose petals.

  • Pairs Well With: Maine Sea Salt, root vegetables, squashes
  • Try In: Sandwiches, charcuterie or cheese boards, a grilled bratwurst
  • Special Tips: A good peeler and sharp knife will help you cut thin, even slices for making pickles