Miranda Mermaid Ring (Size 5)

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Meet Miranda, a mermaid with a secret. She's elusive, at times coy, but fiercely loyal to the ones she holds dear. Miranda knows that mermaids are strong, salt-weathered, and always ready for an adventure. She can't wait to swim along wherever you take her!

This completely handmade silver mermaid ring features a wraparound style (non-adjustable; band is soldered together) with hand-cut tail fins and our favorite bubble accents. The perfect combination of hammered textures gives Miranda her signature mermaid scale patterns - she's rough and tumble, just like you! 

Ring is 100%, carefully and lovingly handmade: Sterling silver is hand-sawn, hand-textured, and hand-forged into a mermaid tail and fins. Scrap silver from the sawn pieces are upcycled into accent bubbles, so nothing goes to waste! Miranda has been given a patina to show off her texture. Each ring is slightly different, so every one is unique!