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Enjoy an Ocean Spa with a Seaweed Bath Soak. Made with Dead Sea Salts, Maine Seaweed and Avocado oil, and pure essential oils.

Two servings. Pour one ounce into your warm bath and soak.

About Planet Botanicals

Michele Gilfoil, the founder of Planet Botanicals, could not find high quality natural skincare products and started mixing her own. Serendipitously, on a trip to Africa with her sister, she met a women’s shea butter cooperative that made a luxurious shea butter by hand and experienced its nourishing effects on the skin.

Michele thought of a new idea: Create a strong collaborative relationship with these women and other sustainable harvesters around the world source fresh high quality ingredients directly from these producers. She recognized the significance of working with producers who have strong traditional knowledge of the plants and who receive a fair equitable share of benefits. She also believed that having full transparency to the source of production would ensure quality and freshness and these ingredients were grown in a sustainable way. So, she started Planet Botanicals in Westbrook, Maine.

Michele is from Maine and was very impressed by the benefits of Maine Seaweed. She created a sample seaweed body cream and gave it to friends and family who loved the effects on the skin. Thus, the “Seaweed Beauty Collection” was created. The Collection also includes hand-made seaweed bar soaps, hand cream, body scrub, hand balm, bath salts, and Voyager travel-size kit. Maine has one of the best qualities of seaweed in the world, because of its pristine ocean waters. Michele hand-harvests the seaweed in a sustainable way to protects this renewable resource.