About the Shop

Heritage Seaweed interiorHeritage Seaweed is a retail shop in Portland, Maine, that sells ocean-based specialty goods.

With a primary focus on seaweed, items include specialty food, bath and body, home goods, cookbooks, art and apparel. Related items include things such as Maine sea salt, oyster accoutrements, sustainable drinkware and shaving gear.

We hold regular tastings and educate the public about seaweed and ocean sustainability via workshops and other events.

We also develop innovative seaweed products in our dedicated commercial kitchen space. Heritage Seaweed's founder is Josh Rogers, maker of Cup of Sea teas.

Wanna see inside? Take a video tour.


  • Shine a spotlight on the rapidly expanding seaweed marketplace. 
  • Showcase ethical harvesters, farmers and food companies, plus non-profits, commercial research facilities and higher-ed aquaculture degrees in Maine, as well as the US and Canada.
  • Expand consumer’s minds about what seaweed is and can be.
  • Educate the public about seaweed’s inherent health benefits and sustainability.
  • Educate the public about the issue of plastic waste in our oceans.
  • Promote the world’s oceans as a sustainable alternative to harmful agricultural practices.
  • Support area businesses and community members, especially those that are a net positive for the marine environment (e.g. Our partners’ seaweed farms are a net positive for the environment -- they filter and oxygenate the water, provide habitat for shellfish and other marine life and help mitigate coastal erosion.)
  • Develop an in-house brand of innovative seaweed products