Dulse (2oz) - Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

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Whole-Leaf Dulse is soft and chewy, with a distinctive savory, umami taste and a rich reddish-purple color. It's a great snack to be enjoyed right out of the bag. Or use it as a colorful salad ingredient; is tasty in soups; zesty when fried and boosts the flavor of any sandwich creation. As Bon Apetit put it: "If your seaweed consumption is limited to the miso soup and seaweed salad from the corner takeout sushi joint, you need to meet dulse."

  • Excellent source of Iodine & Vitamin B6
  • Good source of Potassium & iron
  • More dietary fiber (33%) & soluble fiber (16%) than oat bran
  • Enzyme active

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Hand-harvested from remote Gulf of Maine bays at the peak of nutrition and taste (early summer to early fall). Available in 2 flavors:

  • Original (tangy, savory, chewy)
  • Applewood Smoked (smoky, savory, dare we say bacon-esque?)