"The Seaweed Cookbook: A Guide to Edible Seaweeds & How to Cook with Them" by Caroline Warwick-Evans & Tim van Berkel

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Long known for its nutrient-packed versatility, seaweed is the latest must-have superfood, full of minerals and unami tastes. This beautiful new book provides a visual directory of the most popular edible seaweeds, with details of when and where they can be found, their uses and nutritional properties. Then there are 100 deliciously creative recipes from simple and wholesome dishes to chef-inspired specials.

Often overlooked during rock pool scrambles and beach walks, seaweed is one of the most nutritious, versatile, sustainable and intriguing natural products. Increasing ranges of edible seaweed are available commercially, and this new book explores the different types as well as a fantastic collection of creative recipes to cook with them. Whether dried, rehydrated or eaten raw, treated as a vegetable, flaked and sprinkled as a seasoning, or munched as a crispy snack, seaweeds offer wide-ranging possibilities in many meals and drinks.

With pictures by award-winning photographer David Griffen, there is plenty of inspiration to leave you eager to get foraging, cooking and feasting.